Mar 29, 2020
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“Tricks” Of The Trade

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Trading is tons of fun, but when online trading comes into play, the rules change to a degree. In person, you have a face-to-face interaction. You know exactly who you are dealing with and see what they have to trade, up close and personal. And vice versa so we are going to go over some tricks of the trade.

Trading over the internet is a whole different ball game. The concept is the same, but there are barriers to be mindful of…and beware of. That i why we came up with these tricks of the trade.

On the flip side, trading by way of the web opens up a whole new world of opportunities. There are countless others out there who want to trade, kids and adults alike. You’ll find real gems that you will cherish, items that may be from somewhere you’ll probably never visit in your lifetime.

Here’s how to take precautions and be prepared for what you or your children are getting into, and some tips on making your online trading smooth sailing.

Get Referrals Before Trading

Trade with people or within groups that have been recommended by someone you know and trust. If you don’t know anyone who trades as a hobby, go online to scope out social media groups to chat amongst the people in the group for high-quality recommendations.

Some avid traders may even have their own Facebook page dedicated to trading or a website you can peruse.

The more research you do, the better, so take your time finding the right people to trade with before diving in, as anxious as you may be.

Trial Period

If you or your kids find someone to trade with, it doesn’t mean the relationship is rock solid from the start. Communicate for a while and trade some less-valuable things to set the stage and see what their story is. Build trust before taking on too much.

Think about using FaceTime or Skype to see who you’re communicating with, rather than emails and messaging alone. Verify who they are, if their address is real, and make sure not to share anything too personal with them. Teach your children the same, but always be present when they’re trading anyhow.

“Netiquette” Is Needed

There are different ways of communicating online compared to in-person. Clarity is a biggie, so go the extra mile to be specific and straightforward. Be sure you get that in return. You may even consider signing simple contracts to protect yourself.

Don’t be shy about asking for lots of photos of what they are trading, as well as any other info you need to confirm they’re legit, and their items are the real deal too.

Any decent person on the other end will appreciate your in-depth approach, and if they’re as on the ball as you are, expect the same in return. If someone doesn’t seem serious, skip them and find someone else to deal with.

Sites Dedicated To Trades

You may have better luck going through a platform that verifies who’s using it and they are responsible monitoring the trading. These sites may even be held accountable if your trade goes south. It’s a layer of added protection you’ll want to take, especially if trading is something you hold close to your heart. Here is our swaps page, FS SWAPS.

Unexpected Issues

What if the trade you’ve been expecting never gets to you? Before assuming the worst, reach out to the person you’ve been dealing with and inquire.

They may have accidentally sent it to the wrong address or they’re late in sending. The best bet is to send trades via a courier where you can obtain a tracking number.

Then there’s the case where you’ve been duped. The person may “ghost” and you’ll never hear from them again.

This is why using a reputable trading site/platform works in your favor. Contact the admins for advice and to report the incident. In the future, seek out sites with rating systems, especially ones that have been curated through users who’ve had their own experiences to pull from.

If you feel that a person or site isn’t on the up and up, post about them in the trading group pages you belong to. Call them out while protecting fellow traders from having to face the same fate you’ve dealt with.

Hope you enjoyed these tricks of the trade. Be wise, but have fun!

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