May 11, 2020
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Animal Swaps

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Swaps are a big part of Girl Scout Traditions. These animal swaps are perfect for all occasions!

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Making Friends Caterpillar girl scout Swap

Caterpillar Swaps

These caterpillar animal swaps are perfect for when you are working on your bug badges.

From: MakingFriends

Button Owls Friendship girl scout Swap

Button Owls Swaps

These owl buttons are easy to make and are cute for an evening or overnight activity.

From: Learn Create Love

Raccoon Girl scout friendship Swap

Racoon Swaps

These cute little masked bandits are perfect animal swaps for Raccoon lovers.

From My Swaps Collection

Fish Girl Scout Friendship Swap

Fish Swaps

This little fish bowl is easy to make and so cute to trade during a water event.

From SWAPs for Scouts

Crocodile Girl Scout Friendship Swap

Crocodile Swaps

With only a few items you can create these super cute crocodiles. Perfect to trade at a zoo or animal event.

From Anna Cate Chatman

Goldfish Girl Scout Friendship Swap

Goldfish Swaps

Swap this cute little goldfish to make any fish lover smile.

From wikiHow

Sled Dogs Girl Scout Friendship Animal Swap

Sled Dogs Swaps

Dogs are always a favorite for swaps. You can use them for any occasion.

From Anne DiLorenzo

Animal Tracks Girl Scout Friendship Animal Swap

Animal Tracks Swaps

These swaps are perfect for a nature hike swap event.

From MakingFriends

Cat Girl Scout Friendship Animal Swap

Cat Swaps

Cute little cats that are easy to make are sure to make a fun swap.

From Amylynn Ceranek-Robinson

Monarch Butterfly Girl Scouts Swap

Monarch Butterfly Swaps

Butterflies help to make the world more beautiful, just like Girl Scouts do.

From Holley Butkovich

Pop Tab Girl Scout Animal Swap
Pop Tb

Pop Tab Cats Swaps

Save all your can pop tops so you can create these adorable kitties.

From SU152

Mouse and Cheese Girl Scout Animal Swap

Mouse and Cheese Swaps

What mouse can avoid cheese? Not these cute little guys.

From CHOPRN1127

pipe cleaner girl scout animal swap

Pipe Cleaner Frog Swaps

With just some pipe cleaners and imagination you can create the perfect frogs for girl scout swaps.

From Lines Across

Girl Scout Flamingo Swaps

Flamingo Swaps

Having a luau or a trip to the zoo? These flamingos are the perfect swap.

From Inspiring Mighty Girls

Girl Scout turtle Swaps

Turtle Swaps

Teach your scouts about turtles while also learning a weaving technique.

From Pink Stripey Socks

Inch Worm Girl Scout Swap

Inch Worm Swaps

With just safety pin, beads and a permanent marker you can create these cute inch worm swaps.

From: Troop#81423

Girl scouts Duck Swaps

Pipe Cleaner Duck Swaps

Pipe cleaners are so easy to use to create this cute duck swap. Just add a pin to the back.

From: TrendMarkt24

Girl Scout Butterflies Swaps

Butterfly Swaps

Butterflies are known to be beautiful and meaningful to so many people. Show off your love of butterflies with these swaps.

From: Crafting Issue

Glow in the dark girl scout bug swaps

Light Up Bug Jar Swaps

Make these cute little light up firefly key chains for camp on or a backpack.

From: MadinCrafts

These beautiful beaded snails animal swaps.

Snails Swaps

The beautiful and easy to make snail swaps are perfect for your girls to swap.

From: Laura Smith

Bees are vital to our world and these cute girl scout bee animal swaps.

Bee Animal Swaps

This bee swap is great for anytime but especially when learning about bees.

From: Free Kids Crafts

Girl Scouts Sea Horse Aquarium Swaps

Sea Horse Aquarium Swaps

Sea Horse Aquarium animal swap for sea life lovers.

From: Making Friends

Koala Animal Swaps for Girl Scouts

Koala Bear Swaps

You can use this koala as an animal swap or for a country themed swap.

From: Brownie Guide Leader

Girl Scouts Butterfly Garden Animal Swaps

Butterfly Garden Swaps

Butterflies and gardens go together and with this butterfly garden animal swap you can create both.

From: Swaps 4 Free

Bottle Cap Crab Swaps

This little crab swap is perfect for a beach party swap. The googly eyes make it even more adorable.

From: Swaps for Scouts

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