Jul 22, 2020
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Games and Music Swaps

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girl scout games and music swaps

Girl Scouts always have a great time at meeting and events. Music and games are always a big part of it. We have compiled a list of the perfect music and games swaps!

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checkers games and music swaps

Checkers Swaps

Checkers date back as far as anyone can remember. Take this swap with you for fun on the go.

From: DoohickeysByDewey

Castanet music swaps

Castanets Music Swaps

Using recycled items and adding a pin, you can create these musical swaps.

From: DIY Projects

pocket dominoes games and music swaps

Pocket Dominoes Swaps

Dominoes are fun to play and now when you swap these, you can play anywhere!

From: Swaps 4 Free

Beaded Music Swaps

Beaded Music Note Swaps

With just some beads and a pin you can create a beautiful music note swap.

From: Girl Scouts of Connecticut

jacks games and music swaps

Jacks Game Swaps

A few beads and a fluffy pom lets you create this jacks swap.

From: ECrater

Heart Music Swaps

Music Hearts Swaps

Music makes our hearts sing too especially with this cute music heart swaps.

From: Doohickeys By Dewey

Dice Games Swaps

Let the good times roll with these dice games swaps.

From: DoohickeysByDewey

Clacker music swaps

Clacker Swaps

Bring back fun childhood memories when you make these clacker music swaps.

From: Swaps A Lot

Boomerang Swaps

Boomerangs are like best friends, they are never really far.

From: Fever Dreams

Musical Fruit Swaps

Musical Fruit Swaps

Nothing says music like the musical fruit. These are for a fun crowd of people.

From: Cholista Sharpe

Mini Tic-Tac-Toe Game Swaps

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun game and this portable version in a swap is great for on the go.

From: Swaps A Lot

Record Music Swaps

Feel extra groovy with these old time record music swaps.

From: Flickr

Tic-Tac_toe Rock Swaps

Find small rocks and pain the x and o’s on them. Put in a small bag, attach a pin and you have a fun swap.

From: Kids Activity Blog

Mini Friendship Notes Swaps

Friends know the songs in your hearts and girl scouts are known for friendship and music.

From: Swaps A Lot

Maracas Swaps

Maracas are a fun music maker and these mini maraca swaps are perfect for any fiesta.

From: Swaps 4 Less

Music Note Pin Swaps

Very simple and easy to make musical note swap.

From: Swaps For Scouts

Playing Cards Swaps

Play lot of different games with these miniature playing card swaps.

From: Swaps 4 Free

Button Castanets Swaps

Fun miniature castanets made with buttons make for cute music swaps.

From: Fun Family Crafts

Froggy in my Pocket Swaps

Something in my pocket is a popular girl scout song and this froggy in my pocket is a great way to share a fun froggy version

From: ECrater

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