Jul 22, 2020
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GS Swaps

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All things Girl Power and Troop Power Swaps. This list of swaps that are GS themes, will give you lots of ideas.

Take a look at our Food Swaps.

Troop Number Friendship Swaps

Your sister scouts will always remember what troop they received the swap from with this fun pin swap.

From: Making Friends

Moon Dust Swaps

Sprinkle this moon dust whenever you are outside and need a little bit of magic.

From: Swaps 4 Free

Friendship Bell GS Swaps

The joy of laughter and friendship can be shared through these bell swaps.

From: Swaps A Lot

unicorn seeds gs swaps

Unicorn Seeds Swaps

Plant these unicorn seeds to grow your own unicorn or at least have a little magic in your swaps.

From : Swaps 4 Free

Beaded Friendship GS Swaps, girl scouts

GS Friendship Beaded Pin Swaps

Make these in a variety of colors and styles for a fun time swapping.

From: Wise Crafts

Founder Hats Swaps

Celebrate founders day or Daisy’s birthday with these cute uniform hat swaps.

From: MiniMeCrafts

Super Hero Cape Swaps

Show your girl power with these super hero cape swaps.

From: Swaps For Scouts

girl scout make new friends circle gs swasps

New Friends Circle Swaps

This friendship GS Swap is the perfect way to share your friendship with old and new friends.

From: Mini Me Crafts

Rainbow Beaded Swaps

Life should be fun of color and these rainbow swaps are good reminders of that.

From: Our Daily Crafts

Girl scouts troop number GS swaps

Troop Number and Picture Swaps

Everyone will know your faces and troop number when you take these swaps to your next swaps event.

From: Bead Bee

Ribbon Cupcake Pin Swaps

Ribbon, glue, and a pin is all it takes to make these swaps.

From: Este

Bridging Charm GS Swaps

Custom engraved charms are the perfect gift or swap for all bridging occasions.

From: Memory Lane Jewelry

Unicorn Poop Swaps

Have fun making these clay unicorn poop swaps. Use different colors and maybe add some glitter to help it sparkle.

From: Making Memories with Your Kids

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