Jun 16, 2020
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GS Fall and Halloween Swaps

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If you love these Fall and Halloween Swaps, take a look at our Winter and Christmas Swaps ideas here.

girl scout halloween swaps

Anti-Muggle Jewel Swaps

Keep this swap with you to repel muggles in the real world.

From: GeoSwag

girl scout autumn swaps

Harvest Pin Swaps

Make this cute harvest corn pin swap for any fall celebration.

From: Brownie Troop

floo powder girl scout swaps

Floo Powder Swaps

Keep this floo powder with you at all times so you can port away at a moments notice.

From: DoohickeysByDewey

boo and pumpkin girl scout swaps

Pumpkin and Boo Bead Pin Swaps

These swaps are just as much fun to make as they are to trade.

From: PandaHall

girl scouts monster seeds swaps

Monster Seeds Swaps

Glow in the dark monster seeds are fun halloween swaps for all autumn parties.

From: DoohickeysbyDewey

candy corn halloween swaps for girl scouts

Candy Corn Bead Swaps

Candy corn is a sweet and good fall treat. Share these candy corn without getting cavities.

From: Karen Black

girl scout witches brew halloween swaps

Witches Brew Swaps

Bubble, bubble, boil, and trouble. Keep the trouble in the brew with these witches Halloween swaps.

From: Swaps 4 Free

girl scout broom swaps

Glow Stick Broom Swaps

Glow stick broom swaps. You will glow in the sky while you fly on your broom swaps.

From: One Little Project

girl scout Apple Fall Harvest Swaps

Apple Fall Harvest Swaps

Nothing says Fall like apples. Make these swaps and take them to your apple picking events.

From: Mini Me Crafts

girl scout swaps, fall swaps

Bead Pumpkin Swaps

Beaded pumpkins are fun to make and more fun to swap. Take with you when your troop visits the pumpkin patch.

From: Oriental Trading

Boo ghost halloween swaps

Boo! Ghost Halloween Swaps

These are friendly ghosts so pass them around your Halloween party or to celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s Bithday.

From: Swaps for Scouts

girl scout fall and pet spider swaps

Pet Spider Halloween Swaps

Everyone deserves their own pet spiders.

From: Swaps 4 Free

girl scouts sparkly floo powder swaps

Floo Powder Swaps

Make sure you speak clearly when you use this floo powder.

From: New Pin

girl scouts alien DNA swaps

Alien DNA Kit Swaps

This kit will help you collect and store your alien DNA. Great for Halloween or any fun alien event.

From: Swaps A Lot

Autumn fairy swaps

Autumn Fairy Swaps

These Autumn fairy sparkles add a pinch of kindness everywhere you go.

From: LavendarMacaroon

girl scout mandrake seeds swaps

Mandrake Seeds Swaps

Careful to cover your ears when you pull these to replant!

From: Doohickeysbydewey

girl scout mummy swaps

Mummy Halloween Swaps

Have these on hand for Halloween night for all of your scout friends when they trick or treat.

From: Sponge Kids

girl scouts golden snitch swaps

Golden Snitch Swaps

You must be very fast to catch these golden swaps.

From: Sunny Alber

Pirate Hat Swaps

Pirates and Halloween go hand in hand so take these hat swaps with you to your Halloween and costume parties.

From: Swaps A Lot

Slug Repellent Swaps

From: DooHickeysByDewey

Caterpillar on A Leaf Swaps

Caterpillars will grow into beautiful butterflies just like Girl Scouts do.

From: Demetrius Salvatore

Broom Swaps

Fly through the night when you exchange these broom swaps at your Halloween or Fall Event.

From: My Swaps Collections

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