Jul 22, 2020
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Camp Swaps

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These camp swaps are all perfect for any type of camping. There are swaps for night camps, day camps, hikes, and more!

Also Check out our Food Swaps and Animal Swaps!

Compass Camping Girl Scout Swap

Compass Swaps

These swaps are perfect for after a hike on your camping trip.

From: Sponge Kids

Girl scout Blanket Camping Swap

Camping Blanket Swaps

You will need a blanket roll whether you are camping under the stars or in a cabin or tent.

From 4 You With Love

S'More Smile Camping Swap for Girl Scouts

S’Mores Smiles Swaps

Every camp needs to have a campfire with Smores. These Smores camp swaps are perfect after enjoying the yummy treats.

From Swaps 4 Free

Girl Scouts Friendship Tents Camping Swap

Camping Tents Swaps

If you are tent camping these are the perfect swaps. You can show everyone that you can make tents as well as pitch tents.

From Mini Me Crafts

Girl Scouts Sleeping Bags Camping Swap

Girls Sleeping Bag Swaps

Sleeping in a sleeping bag is a big part of the camping experience. Always remember your trip with this cute girl in a sleeping bag.

From frugalgourmetmom

First Camp Out Swaps

First time camping out is a big deal. This shows the fun of sleeping bags and thoughts of a first time camper.

From Making Friends

Emergency T.P. Swaps

Making sure you never run out of toilet paper with this emergency toilet paper roll camp swap.

From My Swaps Collection

Smores on A Stick Swaps

Perfect swap for summer camp fires with your favorite scouts. Take them along to your councils summer camping swapping events.

From: Swaps-A-Lot

Wish On A Star Swaps

Got a big event coming up? This is the perfect kit for your encampment or any other event where you’ll need a lot of crafts to swap.

From: Making Friends

Animal Tracks Swaps

This booklet has twenty inner pages of different animal tracks, including one page for notes.

From: Fever Dreams

Flashlight Swaps

Light your way through camp with these mini flashlight swaps.

From: My Swaps Collections

Life Savers Swaps

Swap these at a water event or when learning about water safety.

From: Mini Me Crafts

Canteen Swaps

Everyone will stay hydrated with these miniature girl scout canteen camp swaps.

From: Making Friends

First Aid Booklet Swaps

First aid booklets are perfect for camp swaps. They have information about basic first aid. You can get a diy kit from Making Friends.

From: Making Friends

Bandana Swaps

Miniature bandannas are a cute way to show your adventurous side when you swap these at camp.

From: Mandie’s Scrappin

Camp Sit Upon Swaps

Camp sit-upons are a long time tradition. There are a variety of options and this is a miniature of one of the most popular, duct tape sit-upon.

From: Mini Me Crafts

Bandaid Swaps

Bandaids are always needed at camp so these little bandage swaps are perfect.

From: WP Penny

Canoe Swaps

This simple canoe camp swap is an easy and cute way to show your love for canoeing.

From: Swaps For Scouts

Fly Swatter Swaps

Flies can be annoying though Girl Scouts usually respect all wildlife, but these cute fly swatters camp swaps are a cute idea.

From: Swaps A Lot

Compass Pin Swaps

Always knowing which direction you’re heading is good in life so these little compass swaps are perfect to keep heading the right direction.

From: Rave and Review

Diamond in the Rough Swaps

I believe we are all diamonds in the rough and you can show that to your friends with this diamonds in the rough camp swap.

From: My Swaps Collections

Binocular Swaps

These cute little binocular swaps from making friends is perfect for seeing long distances at camp.

From: Making Friends

Trail Signs Swaps

When camping and hiking, knowing your trail signs are important. This little trail signs camp swap is perfect to keep with you on your hikes.

From: E Crater

Camp in a Bag Swaps

If you are in the mood to camp but can’t get out in nature, you can use this camp in a bag swap to feel closer to camp.

From: Hello Creative Family

Twig Campfire Swaps

Fire safety is important so these twig campfire swaps are the safest way to share your fire.

From: Smart Girls DIY

First Aid Kit

Keep all of your first aid necessities handy in this little first aid camp swap kit.

From: My Swaps Collections

Constellations Swaps

Camping under the stars is so much fun. With this camp swap from Making Friends you can easily remember your night under the stars.

From: Making Friends

Canoe 2 Swaps

This 3-D canoe is a fun craft to make for your camp swaps. Canoeing can be so much fun and this is a great way to remember your adventure.

From: Mini Me Crafts

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