Jul 22, 2020
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Easter and Spring Swaps

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We put together A great variety of Easter and Spring Swaps. Make one or all of them!

Also try some of the swaps from our Halloween and Fall Swaps.

Girl scout bean spring swaps

GS Beans Swaps

Each color of Jelly Bean stands for something different and amazing about Girl Scouts!

From: Maya Hinton

girl scout Easter bunny slippers swaps

Easter Bunny Slippers Swaps

Little bunny slipper swaps can be used around Easter or for any pajama party swaps event.

From: Melodie Day

hatching egg beads swaps for girl scouts

Hatching Egg Beads Swaps

Fun pearler bead hatching egg with baby chick. Just add a pin to the back for a cute swap.

From: Judith Garaby

Girl Scout Cherry Blossom Flower Spring Swaps

Cherry Blossom Flower Spring Swaps

Cherry Blossoms are beautiful flowers that are tradtional from Japan. Create these for any spring get together or World Thinking day swap.

From: Swaps 4 Free

girl scouts pip cleaner bunny Easter swap

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Swaps

Add a pin to these easy to make pipe cleaner bunnies to create fun swaps.

From: Intheplayroom

mini pet dust bunny swaps for girl scouts

Mini Pet Dust Bunny Swaps

These pet dust bunnies are the perfect pet for Easter. You don’t have to remember to take care of them!

From: ECrater

girl scouts clothespin bunny swaps

Clothespin Bunny Swaps

It’s safe to say that Easter crafts for kids do not get any cuter, or easier, than these little Clothespin Bunnies Swaps!

From: allfreeholidaycrafts

Easter bunny poo girl scout swaps

Bunny Poo Easter Swaps

The Easter Bunny couldn’t stay and left bunny poo as he hopped away.

From: Swaps 4 Free

girl scouts bunny swaps

Beaded Bunny Swaps

Pearler beads can be used to create almost anything including this adorable Easter Bunny swap. Just add a pin to the back.

From: Famous Last Words

Girl Scouts spring clover butterfly swaps

Spring Clover Butterfly Swaps

From: Our Kid Things

Cotton Ball Bunnies Swaps

Furry little cotton ball bunnies will be a fun swap to give your sister girl scouts.

From: Paging Fun Mums

Bunny and Chick Easter Swaps

Add a pin to these pom poms, a few felt pieces and googly eyes, and create bunny and chick swaps.

From: Kids Crafts Made Easy

Puffy Bunny Head Swaps

Using just a few craft supplies and a pin, you can create this cute puffy bunny head swap.

From: My Swaps Collections

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