Jul 22, 2020
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Cookie and Birthday Swaps

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cookie and birthday swaps for girl scouts

Find a lot of ideas to create your own cookie and birthday swaps. So many ideas and occasions to use these swaps for.

Take a look at our Food Swaps page for yummy swaps ideas.

Girl Scout Cookies and Milk Swap, cookie swaps

Milk & Cookies Swaps

Milk and cookies go together perfectly. These milk and cookie swaps are an easy and cute way to share cookie season.

From: Mini Me Crafts

Girl Scout Cupcake Swaps

Cupcake Swaps

Cupcakes are always a fun birthday treat so take these swaps with you to your next scout birthday party.

From: Making Friends

Smores Pin cookie swaps

Smores Pin Swaps

This is a super cute and easy smore’s swaps pin to make. Trade them during cookie season for extra fun.

From: Swaps for Scouts

Cake swaps for girl scouts

Cake Birthday Swaps

Celebrate any birthday including Girl Scouts birthday with this cute piece of cake on a green plate.

From: Making Friends

Birthday Party in a Bag Swaps

Birthday in a bag swaps are fun to celebrate a scouts birthday.

From: Fever dreams

SMores in a bag cookie swaps

Smores in a Bag Swaps

Smore’s are a Girl Scout tradition for camp and they created a cookie to celebrate the tastiness of Smore’s!

From: Making Friends

Birthday Card Swaps

Another great option to celebrate a scouts birthday or any birthday would be these cute little card swaps.

From: ECrater

Girl Scout Cookie Swaps

Cookies Swaps

These cute miniature cookies are a super fun way to show your cookie support.

From: Magnets Shmagnets

Small Cake Pin Swaps

A fun little piece of cake on a safety pin.

From: ECrater

Milk For Your Cookies

Always have some milk for your cookies!

From: ECrater

Birthday Party Kit Swaps

Another option for a Birthday party kit in a bag.

From: ECrater

Mini Cookie Boxes Swaps

Put together these tiny cookie boxes and attach a pin for a cute cookie swap.

From: Fever Dreams

Cupcake Birthday Swaps

Cupcakes are always a fun little treat for birthdays.

From: Making Friends

Mini Cookie Sheets Swaps

Make your own cookies on a sheet with this adorable swap.

From: Making Friends

Sponge Cake Swaps

Sponge cake is fun and this cake that has beads as sprinkles fits right in!

From: Sponge Kids

Cookie Pin Swaps

Yum cookie pin swaps are a fun and easy way to trade during cookie season.

From: Making Friends

Birthday Party Cards Swaps

Another type of birthday card used for a fun swap.

From: ECrater

Cookie Box Flower Swaps

Use the center from cookie boxes to create these flowers. Add a pin to make it a fun swap.

From: Nouveasoccermom

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