Mar 21, 2020
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7 Fun Snail Mail Ideas

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We’re so used to emails and texts, that the old-school “snail mail” communication is nearly non-existent. When the only thing that arrives in the mailbox is a bunch of bills, it’s not much fun retrieving the mail.

Let’s bring back snail mail so today’s youth can learn to appreciate a little patience and perspective when it comes to communicating. It’s fun to send and receive, and there are lots of ways to spread the word and a smile.

When the kids are stuck at home, the options of what to do are sure to run out fast. There’s only so much TV we can watch, and if you’re limiting tech time, the kids will be bored before you know it.

These snail mail ideas will give the kids something new to do, and they’ll enjoy the activity as well as the thought that goes into it.

Thank A Teacher

Kids can pen letters to their teachers and mentors to let them know how much they appreciate their hard work. They can write a poem or reminisce about something special from class. Imagine how the teacher will feel when they open the letter and realize they’ve made an impact.

Say “Hi” To A Scout Leader

Scout leaders do so much to instill life lessons while having fun with friends. The kids can insert photos of special scouting moments to share with their scout leader. How about listing all the most important takeaways they’ve learned as they’ve moved up with the scouts? Just like teachers, scout leaders are influencers in kids’ lives. Showing the love will mean more than you can imagine.

Swap Pins

Kids who have friends in the scouts they haven’t seen in a while can catch up via snail mail. They can create beautiful pins at home and mail them to someone near or far. The other friend can do the same in return. The pin swap will be sentimental, and the sharing lesson that comes with it will make parents proud. Check out these inspirational swapping ideas at Making Friends.

Trading Cards

Kids who collect cards can send them to someone they care about via snail mail. Artist trading cards are especially elaborate and exciting, and the recipient is sure to be taken aback by their beauty. Kids who’ve had their cards for some time may want to share their special meaning and value with a friend. This gift is generous and gorgeous.


Simple and straightforward, sending a postcard is quick and to-the-point. Just a few words to let someone know they care is a great way for kids to keep in touch. Plus the image on each postcard tells a story in itself. Buy a bunch and the kids can send them out by the dozens.

Pick A Pen Pal

Kids who want consistent communication can find a friend – maybe one across the world – to be their pen pal. Share stories, secrets, and special moments. This snail mail idea can turn into a lifelong friendship. Imagine years down the road and all the letters sent along the way.


We don’t all live near our relatives, so relying on the phone or email is the way to go. Some folks follow their families on social media, but mailing something unexpected is unusual nowadays. The kids can send grandma and grandpa an update on how they’re doing, or find a long-lost cousin to communicate with. Go through the family tree to find new family members.

Snail mail is so much fun. When the kids get into the groove, they’ll be hooked on this often-forgotten means of communication. Put down those smartphones and start sending!

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